Sunday Church School    8:30 AM

  Sunday Morning Worship   10:00 AM

  Second Sunday 

   Continental Breakfast 9:00 AM





Bethel African Methodist
Episcopal Church
122 Bartram Avenue
Lansdowne, Pennsylvania 19050

Rev. Deborah Speakes, Pastor
Phone: (610) 259-4024
Fax: (610) 259-4036
Email: bethelamec@verizon.net


         122B Bartram Avenue, Lansdowne, PA 19050

Welcome to the website of Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church. Led by our Pastor, Rev. Deborah Speakes, we are always trying to find new ways of bringing new persons into the fold, and we hope that this website serves as your electronic portal into the life of our active congregation. We look forward to welcoming you for worship, fellowship, ministry and prayer as you explore what our church ministries can offer you and your family.

The Philadelphia Conference Lay Organization - www.philadelphiaconferencelay.org

The First District Lay Organization - www.firstdistrictlay.org

The Connectional Lay Organization - www.connectionallay-amec.org


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Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church - Lansdowne, Pennsylvania